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***Server sets mode: +nt
<damo22>has anyone tried the latest CD?
<damo22>does it work?
<damo22>i burnt an image a few days ago and it failed due to gdb
<damo22>now i cant seem to install grub correctly
<klys>are you installing grub from a live cd?
<klys>there's also #grub
<klys>make /boot/grub/ and use grub-install
<klys>depending on if you use mbr or gpt
<damo22>its unusual because the installer is missing libfreetype6
<damo22>so grub cannot be installed, but i forced the missing dep and it installded the package
<damo22>but may be broken i guess
<damo22>i managed to chroot into the /target on the installer and install grub
<damo22>but grub-install /dev/wd0 does not seem to make it bootable
<damo22>not live cd, the hurd installer netinst
<damo22>it tries to install grub to a filesystem partition
<damo22>using blocklists
<damo22>and then fails, and i run grub-install /dev/wd0 and it says Installation complete no errors detected
<damo22>but then drops me to grub rescue> upon reboot and cannot detect any partitions
<damo22>something is wrong with the core.img i think
<damo22>it doesnt have any partition support
<damo22>maybe its trying to call /proc/partitions ?
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