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<damo22>how do i trick the installer into thinking the "install base system" is completed, after i run a manual debootstrap?
<damo22>id rather not burn another cd
<damo22>is there a way to replace .disk/base_include with a different file in place on a readonly filesystem?
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<IOhannes>i'm a total noob when it comes to GNU/Hurd, but i'd like to port a bit of a program...
<IOhannes>the code tries to get the size of the CPU cache line.
<IOhannes>as in
<IOhannes>how would this be done on the Hurd?
<IOhannes>otoh, i just ran `getconf -a | grep CACHE_LINESIZE` which returns 0 for L1..L4 caches.
<IOhannes>so probably there's some general issue retrieving the cache linesize on GNU/Hurd, or there's an issue with the hardware (i ran that command on a remote build machine)