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***Server sets mode: +nt
<damo22>is this cdimage the one with the fix in it?
<damo22>or is it going in tomorrow?
<damo22>its marked as being 3 hours after the email sent to the list
<damo22>ok i burnt the image to cd
<damo22>it fails on x220
<damo22>because the hard disk is not detected by gnumach, then that causes rumpdisk to fail
<damo22>because gnumach is unable to detect the SSD, but still hogs the IRQ
<damo22>how does grub-install work in the installer?
<damo22>there is a udeb grub-installer
<damo22>but it does not seem to work
<damo22>ive got a half baked install, the debootstrap worked, but i cant install grub
<damo22>it needs ucf
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