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<hahawang>Hello, I'm trying to build the Hurd from source, with the help of the cross-hurd build script(link: At the compiling glibc stage, I have encountered the following issue
<hahawang>It tells me that mutex-solid.c:20:10: fatal error: cthreads.h: No such file or directory, but with a quick search, I have found the `cthreads.h` at my-path-to-the-gnumach-source/i386/include/mach/i386/cthreads.h, should I link that path to the include path when compiling glibc? If so, how to do?
<hahawang>My glibc version: glibc-2.32, download directly from the gnu ftp instead of cloning from the git repo. I am a newbie to the hurd development and have little knowledge about how to build the hurd. Thank you very much!
<wleslie>a little bit earlier in the make output it should have the gcc invocation that failed, something like `./cross-tools/bin/i386-unknown-gnu-gcc blah blah`
<wleslie>I would check ./cross-tools/bin/i386-unknown-gnu-gcc --print-search-dirs
<hahawang>It seems that the gnumach path isn't in the search-dirs?
<hahawang>Should I place the gnumach source path to the search dir? Is that a recommended way?
<hahawang>Thank you.
<wleslie>when gcc is built it *should* have the kernel headers placed on the system search path
<hahawang>I see, I will check and try again. Thank you very much!
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