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<AlmuHS>hi. Has Hurd sent any proposal of talk to the FOSDEM?
<AlmuHS>this year we have had many interesting advances, like the work in Rumpkernel, improving in drivers, my first stage of SMP... All these topics can be very interesting to expose in FOSDEM
<AlmuHS>and, due to this year the conference is online, could be possible to invite to talk to people which had not possibility of travel there
<AlmuHS>we can get many publicity talking about these news in FOSDEM
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<Zambyte>I'm having trouble installing Debian Hurd on hardware using crosshurd. I've created the ext2 filesystem and run crosshurd, and it seems to install the system correctly. After running update-grub2 and rebooting, I'm getting stuck at this message: "start ext2fs: ext2fs: device:(hostdisk//dev/sda,msdos2): No such device or address"
<Zambyte>Naturally I tried setting the device to something like hd0s2 instead of (hostdisk...), but no luck. Any ideas?
<damo22>Zambyte: tried sd0s2 ?