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<z3ntu>`make: /tools/bin/mkdir: Computer bought the farm` :(
<z3ntu>Anybody have an idea why some binaries inside a chroot result in that error?
<z3ntu>The host is a fully updated Debian Hurd system (I've set the apt repo url to the latest snapshot from today), the guest is a custom compiled system with glibc 2.32 (+some patches)
<jrtc27>Computer bought the farm is EIEIO which is when a translator dies
<z3ntu>jrtc27: can I found out somehow which translator that is that dies?
<jrtc27>rpcstat would tell you which rpc failed
<jrtc27>and possibly also the PID? I forget
<jrtc27>I guess if you enabled core dumps you'd get one from that crash and be able to debug it
<gnu_srs1>vsftpd is not installable on Hurd due to that ps -C is missing: Any ideas hot to rewrite that script? vsftpd.init:
<jrtc27>gnu_srs1: pidof
<jrtc27>or use ps.procps if it exists
<jrtc27>I'd do `pidof vsftpd | tr ' ' '\n' | grep -oqs "${_PID}"`
<jrtc27>should be way more robust than the crap that was there already
<jrtc27>which suffers from false-positives (negatives?)
<jrtc27>as it isn't enforcing (a) it matches the PID rather than another field (b) that it matches the whole "word"