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<procra> hi, i was reading about hurd on the gnu page and it sounds really interesting, thanks guys for make that, however the page is a bit old and i was wondering if there is some big changes since 2015
<gnu_srs2>procra: Which pages did you look at? Some more recent stuff are linked to at:
<gnu_srs2>And some recent stuff are at:
<gnu_srs2>The latest staging updates are at Unfortunately it is down now.
<gnu_srs2>See also the Topic: info for this channel.
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<procra><gnu_srs2> thanks. i was reading the subtree of i recently pick some interest on hurd because of Guix. yes maybe i shuld search better and i got the question because the date of most of the pages was of 2015. i have no idea how fast a kernel development is.