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<damo22>my x200 seems dead
<damo22>maybe EC is corrupt, or some internal boot counter reached a limit
<annoner>i have an question
<annoner>why isnt the the project on gplv3?
<annoner>making the project GPLV3 would give users more incentive to donate to the project and let the project grow
<annoner>and would provide an alternative gnu/linux when that goes to the shitter
<jrtc27>1. nobody's deciding not to contribute (technically or financially) because of GPLv2 vs GPLv3
<jrtc27>2. linux isn't doomed or going anywhere and if you think it is then you are extremely naive
<Blukunfando>How do you know point 1?
<jrtc27>because in all my years on the mailing lists I have never once heard of someone doing that
<jrtc27>I'm also not stupid and can see what happens in other open-source projects
<annoner>i think linux development is basically co-opted and run by big corporations
<jrtc27>if someone wants to change the license, the burden of proof is on them to show that it would make a meaningful difference
<jrtc27>annoner: not true
<annoner>that would make an meaningfull change indeed
<jrtc27>if you're just here to troll and stir things up then get lost
<annoner>you see trends in the linux kernel such as drm
<annoner>im an troll?
<jrtc27>you're here trying to slander linux with conspiracy theories
<annoner>so im an troll for questioning the state of the linux kernel project?
<jrtc27>about big corporation ruining open source
<annoner>conspiracy theories? you must be trolling
<jrtc27>no, you're a troll by making baseless accusations that come from fear and ignorance
<annoner>@jrtc27 hurd is not opensource
<annoner>its free software
<jrtc27>you what now
<annoner>@jrtc27 i did not say the linux project is going to the shitter
<jrtc27>you said "when" not "if"
<annoner>time is subjective
<jrtc27>there's nothing subjective about it
<jrtc27>"when" = it will happen in the future
<jrtc27>"if" = it may happen in the future
<annoner>i dont know
<annoner>if it will happen
<annoner>who knows
<jrtc27>then don't way "when"
<annoner>i dont know when or why or how it will happen
<annoner>i did not say its going to the shitter
<jrtc27>you keep saying things that state you believe it *will* happen
<jrtc27>stop doing that
<annoner>gplv3 stops practices like tivozation
<annoner>tivozation are going to be the brand new way for corporations to restrict user(s) freedom
<jrtc27>if you think that's going to change user freedom you are sorely mistaken
<jrtc27>companies will just use different software that lets them do that instead
<annoner>corporations tend to gravitate to the best software atm that there is
<jrtc27>no, corporations gravitate to whatever makes them most money with least effort
<annoner>wich is indeed adopting bsd-based operating systems
<jrtc27>so if gpl software is doomed then why go for a *stricter* gpl license instead of going for a bsd one?
<jrtc27>no point having software that isn't used, after all
<annoner>because gplv3 solves a problem in software freedom
<jrtc27>but that's meaningless if nobody's running the software
<jrtc27>it's fundamentally a balancing act
<jrtc27>you want a license that gives users the freedoms you believe in whilst still being acceptable to companies
<annoner>im going to laugh if Ghost-OS gets more commits to hurd in an year
<annoner>GhostOS has the gplv3 license
<jrtc27>freebsd gets more commits in a year than hurd and is bsd licensed
<jrtc27>what's your poing?
<jrtc27>it's not about the license, it's about the project
<jrtc27>which is what I said at the very beginning
<annoner>then its better according your logic to license linux with the bsd-license
<jrtc27>I don't believe that
<jrtc27>but I'm countering your opinions
<jrtc27>demonstrating why they're flawed
<annoner>bsd-based operating systems are one of the reasons linux&free-software isnt more widespread
<jrtc27>bsd-2-clause is a free software license according to the fsf
<jrtc27>> The following licenses qualify as free software licenses, and are compatible with the GNU GPL.
<annoner>how is that free software?
<annoner>can you explain
<jrtc27>freebsd is free software
<jrtc27>corporations are free to take it and produce non-free software
<jrtc27>copyleft is an additional thing to ensure free software cannot be turned into non-free software
<annoner>wich in turn put it on their devices and restrict users from changing the code thats running on the device
<jrtc27>doesn't mean the original thing produced by the freebsd developers wasn't free software
<jrtc27>you have copyleft and free software confused
<annoner>i think the bsd-license is more opensource than free software
<annoner>opensource allows you to turn it in to closed software
<annoner>with free-software you have to keep it free and open
<jrtc27>but that's not the fsf's definition
<jrtc27>you're just making up your own rules
<annoner>can i make gpl code closed source?
<jrtc27>no because it's copyleft
<annoner>here i got an opinion for you
<annoner>i dont like reddit
<jrtc27>well thank god for that
<swivel>annoner is a troll
<swivel>pretty sure i've seen the same basic output from them in #fsf
<jrtc27>sometimes it's hard to tell trolls from idiots...
<damo22>i think hurd *could* be gplv3 one day, i just need to hurry up and remove all the linux/ subtree
<jrtc27>replacing it with evil bsd-licensed code though :P
<damo22>not really, its not replacing it with anything in the kernel, only a process in userspace that runs bsd code