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<damo22>what is error 0x9c6
<damo22> 115<--116(pid837)->device_open (3 "/dev/wd0") = 0x9c6 ((os/device) no such device)
<jrtc27> ED_NO_SUCH_DEVICE = 2502, /* no such device */
<jrtc27>(probably /usr/include/i386-gnu/bits/errno.h)
<jrtc27>ED_* being device_*-specific errors
<damo22>WOOT all fixed!~
<damo22>booted a rumpdisk for rootfs, then injected the translator onto a node and mounted a second partition on the same disk onto a mountpoint
<damo22>sent patch in
<damo22>jrtc27: funny i grepped that file exactly for the error but forgot it was in decimal
<jrtc27>some are hex, some are decimal :P
<damo22>D_ALREADY_OPEN was returning EBUSY i think
<damo22>but all i had to was give it a send right to the existing one
<damo22>my X230 boots hurd!
<damo22>with rumpdisk
<damo22>no gnumach disk driver
<Gooberpatrol66>damo22: nice
<swivel>with smp?
<damo22>no smp yet
<damo22> <--- this is worth a listen
<damo22>the next step is probably to make it boot with the pci-arbiter and rumpdisk simultaneously
<damo22>so network access still works and the i/o ports dont become locked
<damo22>currently rumpdisk boots by pretending to be the arbiter and hogging the x86 pci access method
<damo22>but im not quite sure how to have the arbiter working without /servers as a mountpoint
<damo22>as it exposes the pci interface over /servers/bus/pci
<damo22>> youpi: pci-arbiter could be exposed as a device name in the master device port and the userland pci-arbiter running on /server/bus/pci can try to open that
<damo22>> youpi: just like netdde tries to open eth0 to check whether there are already device drivers in gnumach, in which case it shouldn't handle network cards
<damo22>> youpi: in the end, when we know for sure that pci-arbiter is run as a bootstrap translator, we can make /server/bus/pci a mere device node
<damo22>how do i make a bootstrap translator such as pci-arbiter expose a device name in the master device port?
<damo22>like, i want to be able to device_open("pci") and a bootstrap translator responds
<damo22>im guessing i need to make the arbiter into a "master device" instead of rumpdisk and then every device_open() call goes through the arbiter first?
<damo22>i guess i'll email the list again