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<damo22>i think the main issue is awareness
<damo22>if more people were aware of what free software is, and how it can help them, they would be more eager to learn how
<damo22>that is why i became a member of the free software foundation
<freeyourcoins>nice to meet you also!
<freeyourcoins>my experience is: long time of research, effort and time to adquire the meaning of freedom and free software, then what it can make for everyone... but, i agree, also... more people i guess, that it's a thing of education. maybe, if we create an school... where young people can learn with ager people with the path walked before... it's just an idea, but i hope it's possibly a possible solution to the
<freeyourcoins>problem of awareness.
<damo22>i was attracted to work on hurd because i found out it was the first fully free operating system, and was supposed to be the basis of the gnu system, but then linux kernel arrived as an alternative that seemed to work better
<damo22>but i want to see it completed and running on some real hardware
<damo22>its a totally different design too
<freeyourcoins>i came to hurd by the same reason, but even linux kernel was first, i also want to see hurd working because i understand that linux for example, is free software and/or opensource, but it's not free in philosophy as gnu is... that's the point i learnt from rms... on wikipedia's interview in latam...
<damo22>that should be the primary reason
<freeyourcoins>that's the way i would like to help the FSF and the free software on the meaning of freedom (a concept sadly and luckily not everybody can enjoy: luckily because I am happy to understand it; sadly because not so much people can also)... :(
<damo22>but as well as that, it has features that are superior to GNU/Linux
<damo22>for example, in the microkernel model, all drivers are running in userspace, therefore you can run GDB on any driver, and if it crashes, you can restart the driver without losing your system
<freeyourcoins>ofc... but because freedom is top way to follow happyness... after freedom cames happyness. and happyness seems to be the top of things to accomplish in life...
<freeyourcoins>i agree with your technical details :)
<damo22>im happy to put aside the technical details
<damo22>and discuss the freedom it brings
<freeyourcoins>ty :)
<damo22>i have a bunch of thinkpads that i want to make hurd run on
<freeyourcoins>haha ^_ ^
<damo22>one day i can give them as gifts running hurd
<damo22>but there is much work to be done
<freeyourcoins>i have a friend who is creating a project about helping people with problems on drugs and so many kind of problems, like being in a country in war, etc... to move them into a village and live about what the earth give to us, and to teach them in freedom and invite them to use their time into not only them, just in all of them together, by helping their kowledge to understand to build their own stuff
<freeyourcoins>with technology... it's a big project, a very huge one with a lot of free software and freedom... someday i am sure i will live enough to be there teaching first times... who knows how many time? the idea is clear, because the problem is obvious, and the solution is only education...
<freeyourcoins>yes... i am very happy to meet people really magic
<damo22>how do they get electricity?
<damo22>and water
<freeyourcoins>hahaha... those questions are enigmas easy to solve if you think rudimentary, those are my answers: the electricity can be generated with a river which can also give water, but as the village probably will born in Madrid, Spain, we will see the idea of taking the water from inside the earth, because here we have a lot of water under the feet... also the Sun is a source of energy very secure... and
<freeyourcoins>finally my last answer is, wind. we can build the stuff to take those resources, the problem is not this, my mind always thinking in the allowance by the side of the governments...
<damo22>yeah, pretty good ideas
<freeyourcoins>hehehe :) we will see what happens in the future... actually i can't ensure the success, but i can freely believe it's happening
<damo22>solar power is pretty good once you have panels, but solar panels require a lot of energy in manufacturing
<freeyourcoins>i saw this after realizing what free software and free hardware is... after searching for malware on my hardware and realize the need of freedom in our lives =)
<freeyourcoins>there are others like peltier generators with zooms and water :)
<freeyourcoins>you can use a zoom made with a plastic and water to heat a peltier rock
<freeyourcoins>i mean... you were right!
<freeyourcoins>what my bad english tries to show is that whenever we are more than 7 people there thinking in finding resources, the amount of posibilities are maybe exponential into finding solutions and not abusing to others or others
<freeyourcoins>sooo... ;-)
<freeyourcoins>you were right and you still are
<damo22>your english is wayyy better than my spanish so
<freeyourcoins>haha that's because spanish is different meaning on different countries
<freeyourcoins>but, thank you
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<damo22>yay, memclk running at 1600 instead of 1333
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<freeyourcoins>reinstalling desktop environment to gnome :)
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