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<damo22>i just upgraded my hurd dev system to latest packages, and rebuilt a kernel without AHCI support, and rump boots off root
<damo22>so thats good, nothing is terribly broken
<Zambonifofex>Neat! 🎉
<damo22>i forgot what i was up to but i remember getting stuck
<gnu_srs1>damo22: When are we going to boot with rump disks as default, what's missing?
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<damo22>gnu_srs1: it currently does not use pci-arbiter, and also there are two other outstanding issues: 1) the i/o ports are locked in userspace (probably because the arbiter is not being used) and 2) the rump driver that is attached to the controller that contains the root disk device is not being installed as a translator, so you cant mount other disks attached to the same controller in userspace
<damo22>i was stuck on 2
<damo22>you can free your coins and put them in my pocket if you like :P
<freeyourcoins>damo22: hahaha...
<freeyourcoins>i prefer if you help me to change the keymap into spanish of my qemu-kvm img copy :)
<damo22>good question, ive never needed to do this so i didnt learn how
<freeyourcoins>x-) logically :) then let free my coins ;-)
<damo22>maybe its something like dpkg-reconfigure keymap or something
<damo22>or whatever the name of the keymap package is
<freeyourcoins>interesting command: dpkg-reconfigure console-setup
<freeyourcoins>i am going to present me to you, then we can meet each other better.
<freeyourcoins>i am a person who started self-taughting himself since 1999... i learnt a lot, but not the basics. one day i was in a tg channel speaking with another about hurd. but it was few days ago when i learnt what really gnu is and what is freedom in concept of philosophy, and then i opened my eyes: i have knowledge but not having the basic concepts is like don't being an expert in anything, just a
<freeyourcoins>self-taught in computer security. actually, i am researching alone in free time about that world of free software, knowing differences and havin in mind the most reality possible... nice to meet you.
<damo22>nice too meet you
<damo22>i learnt about gnu philosophies around 2012
<damo22>and i decided i should make it my mission to help others become free in technology too, but i dont have a lot of spare time