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<Zambonifofex>I hate to potentially be annoying, but if anyone has any kind of help to give regarding the errors I'm getting, if appreciate it a lot.
<rekado>Zambonifofex: yes, you shouldn’t get “bad request” when the interface matches
<rekado>what did you try to get to this point?
<Zambonifofex>rekado: I just ran `settrans -fga /dev/netdde /gnu/store/*-netdde-*/bin/netdde`, similar to what that aforementioned Debian page had mentioned, but with the Guix package path, as opposed to `/hurd/netdde`.
<jrtc27>netdde is on versino 0.0.20200330
<jrtc27>well, upstream doesn't have version numbers, but that's the versioning scheme in use by Debian to refer to it
<Zambonifofex>Sorry, I meant ``. (I can’t copy and paste, so I have to type the commands by hand.)
<Zambonifofex>Note that I’m not using Debian, by the way!
<jrtc27> is a Linux kernel version
<jrtc27>netdde has its own separate versioning scheme
<Zambonifofex>I’m using Guix, and this seems to be the version of `netdde` in the Guix repository:
<jrtc27>well that doesn't tell me what version of the upstream source it's using
<jrtc27>where's the actual file saying where it's getting the source from?
<rekado>commit 4a1016f130b6f2065d3f088325e5fb0b2997ae12
<Zambonifofex>jrtc27: You can click the “hurd.scm” on the URL I shared, it’s a link.
<rekado>(according to the (gnu packages hurd) module)
<rekado>I think I added that package.
<jrtc27>so it's behind
<jrtc27>my guess is that's your problem
<rekado>Zambonifofex: would you like to upgrade it in Guix?
<rekado>otherwise I could do it tomorrow
<Zambonifofex>Oh? You mean change the commit hash on some source file? It’s not like I have ever tried it, but I guess it doesn’t sound too difficult.
<rekado>Zambonifofex: I mean actually contributing that change of commit hash and source hash to Guix
<rekado>there’s a Contributing section in the Guix manual to get you set up
*rekado –> zzzZ
<Zambonifofex>I see. Yeah, that’s what I meant! I can definitely try it!