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<Zambonifofex>Hello! 👋 Yesterday, I was talking on #guix about my efforts towards trying to run Guix GNU/Hurd on my computer (physical hardware). We have concluded there that it might be better to continue asking here, though!
<Zambonifofex>I’m currently getting this error message:
<Zambonifofex>civodul said that it appears to be an issue with the hard disc driver, and implied that it might be possible to install a different one.
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<Zambonifofex>I have been having a hard time figuring out what the resolution could be. It seems the driver simply does not support my hard disc, and I can't find any information about whether there are alternative ones as civodul had suggested.
<Zambonifofex>There also appears to be no compatibility options in my BIOS/Setup. IDE/SATA/AHCI/RAID, nor any similar configurations.
<Zambonifofex>Here's some information about my computer, in case it might be useful to make an assessment about my situation.
<Zambonifofex>Any kind of help would be really strongly appreciated! Even a "it might not be possible, give up already" would be appreciated, to be honest!
<Zambonifofex>I have two other computers I could try on, but I'd need to back their data up, since I actually use them to do things. I just wanted to be able to know if anyone would be interested in me trying first, is all, though!
<janneke>i can only share that my thinkpad x60 boots, but i had no networking
<janneke>have you tried the debian hurd release, it has more hardware support (dde) but i have no idea if that helps you...
<Zambonifofex>janneke: Isn’t DDE related to networking? It seems the problem I’m running into is related to hard disc detection.
<Zambonifofex>I’m very ignorant when it comes to hardware stuff, but what kind of hard disc does your thinkpad has? Did you have to enable some kind of compatibility mode on your BIOS/setup?
<janneke>Zambonifofex: the x60 has a SATA controller but it can run in IDE mode, the (ssd) disk is detected as ide0
<Zambonifofex>I see. I think “IDE mode” is a luxury I don’t have on my computer, unfortunately.
<youpi>or ahci mode ?
<Zambonifofex>You weren’t on the channel when I mentioned, but I had said “There also appears to be no compatibility options in my BIOS/Setup. IDE/SATA/AHCI/RAID, nor any similar configurations”.
<Zambonifofex>youpi: Here’s how my BIOS/setup looks like:
<janneke>Zambonifofex: ah right, the x60 is a core2duo, nice and old
<gnu_srs2>youpi: (jrtc27): Maybe you can build util-linux locally on -ports for Hurd (and kBSD). The maintainer does not seem to care, #970695
<jrtc27>(a) it's only been 3 weeks (b) you misrepresent the more/less point (c) do we really need a new util-linux built urgently?
<gnu_srs2>libdrm can also be built: See #909436 and #970304
<gnu_srs2>jrtc27: c) What do you mean by urgent??
<jrtc27>does the current util-linux work?
<gnu_srs2>I'm not in a hurry ;)
<jrtc27>so then why are you pinging us about a bug that's only 3 weeks old?
<jrtc27>we know the problem exists, it has done for longer than that bug has been around
<jrtc27>we don't need to be reminded of it just because a maintainer hasn't commented after 3 weeks
<gnu_srs2>And mesa: See also: and #960197