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<aeggenberger>Is /hurd/httpfs broken? I've been trying "settrans -c ~/hurdsite /hurd/httpfs -D" and other non-https sites and it keeps returning 400 and dying.
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<janneke>on guix/hurd the gettext-0.20.1 `test-raise' fails in a non-obvious way
<janneke>compiling the simple test-raise.c manually, it passes; it only fails when also linkning with (as is done in the test suite)
<janneke>now, on debian/hurd the test passes
<janneke>for gettext-0.21, on debian/hurd test-tls fails
<janneke>ring any bells?
<janneke>i'm tempted to just comment-out test-raise for guix and hope it's got something to do with different glibc/hurd/gcc versions/patch sets...
<janneke>i bisected some further, the problem occurs when linking to libpthread
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