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<AlmuHS>hi. Today, I've tested gnumach using the latest patches added to upstream. But, after apply the latest commit, gnumach crash when the number of cpus is bigger than one
<AlmuHS>it shows a kernel panic
<AlmuHS>the problem is something from this commit
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<gnu_srs1> AlmuHS: Hi, regarding "Future Direction of GNU Hurd?" Maybe you could clarify for Richard Braun that you are female, not male?
<AlmuHS>gnu_srs1: I also can clarify that I was a student, but not idiot ;)
<AlmuHS>but I prefered don't reply him. Hi usually are arrogant with me
<AlmuHS>gnu_srs1: maybe, if I clarify that I'm a woman, he would attack me even more
<jrtc27>why is gender even relevant here?
<jrtc27>(I don't know the context, but struggle to see what it's got to do with Hurd development)