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<gnu_srs> youpi: Seems like the gcc-10 chokes on gotools/check-gccgo. I've looked into that but did not find a solution. (These problems are not the same as the libgo tests).
<youpi>yes. I'm rerunning without tests
<gnu_srs>Seems like gcc-9 also have these problems (and gcc-8?)
<gnu_srs>youpi: Seems like bin/more in util-linux v21.36 is no longer portable, see:
<gnu_srs>2020-03-27 more: replace siglongjmp() and signal() calls with signalfd()
<gnu_srs>What to do: 1) patch out linux-constructs from the more.c code, not nice, 2) Revert the commit as a patch for non-linux 3) Just make bin/more linux-any in util-linux.install?
<jrtc27>(2) is unsustainable
<jrtc27>(1) should be doable with pipes, I discussed this a little with youpi a few months ago
<jrtc27>the alternative is to just use less to provide more on !linux
<jrtc27>if you have a more -> less symlink, it will use a compatibility mode