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<damo22>the banking website one of my friend uses threw an error message saying he had to upgrade his firefox browser to a "supported version" but the only thing that was wrong was the OS
<damo22>he wasnt using Win/Mac
<wleslie>doesn't everyone just spoof a generic UA?
<damo22>not sure if that happens by default
<damo22>why should that stop you from banking though?
<damo22>GNU/Linux isnt considered a first class citizen operating system so the bank wont allow it, unless i pretend to have a proprietary OS?
<wleslie>I'm not pretending it's a reasonable thing to have to do, but if a website is going to be stupid, you may as well give it nonsense data in return
<wleslie>I worked at one place where we had to use slack *gag so awful* that didn't like conkeror; I had this conversation with their support team about it that still makes me feel so weird
<wleslie>``I'm not asking you to "support my browser". I'm asking you to stop intentionally breaking it.''
<wleslie>the flip side is I ran around with "GNU/coyotos" in my UA to see how sites might treat me differently; it was rare, but I wonder if I'd get a different response today
<damo22>yeah chances are you'll have breakage
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