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<damo22>ThinkT510: how are you, have we met?
<ThinkT510>i'm ok
<ThinkT510>not sure that we have met
<ThinkT510>how are you?
<damo22>i feel like doing some hurdish stuff again
<damo22>the disk driver situation is getting closer to completion
<ThinkT510>reviving archhurd might be nice
<ThinkT510>i'm sure that any contribution to the hurd would be most welcome
<damo22>oh i mean upstream, i dont have time to work on distros of an unfinished OS yet
<damo22>except debian, so i can have a development environment
<damo22>we're so close to having rump disk completed, but it's difficult to self-motivate sometimes
<ThinkT510>yeah, sometimes nobody wants to work on the required items because they are not as fun to do
<damo22>theres been some activity with pciaccess
<damo22>i think the upstream patches are in order now
<damo22>i am not getting any response from xorg though
<youpi>damo22: on the xorg side, I can land patches
<youpi>(I mean the xserver)
<youpi>ah, actually in libpciaccess I can land as well
<youpi>usually I'm able to land when it's in the hurd parts only
<youpi>this is about right ?
<youpi>it seems safe enough for me to merge
<youpi>(after a close review)
<AlmuHS>youpi: my friend Juan tell me that he has sent the documentation for assign the copyright to FSF. Is all ready for apply the patch then?
<youpi>I have to wait for the fsf to notify us of the reception
<AlmuHS>ok, thanks
<AlmuHS>but he doesn't received any doc for sign, he told me that has received a questionary
<youpi>yes, the document to sign comes later
<jrtc27>then he hasn't completed assignment
<AlmuHS>when? He has sent the questionary many time ago
<jrtc27>then poke the copyright clerk; sometimes processes get forgotten about
<AlmuHS>write again?
<youpi>yes, a gentle reminder
<AlmuHS>ok, thanks
<youpi>damo22: in your libpciaccess commit logs, please add explanations _why_ the changes are needed
<youpi>e.g. people will wonder why we'd need to use the gnumach device instead of /dev/mem
<youpi>actually you'd probably want to say the "why" as a comment in the code itself
<youpi>so it's not forgotten in the git log