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<AlmuHS>hi. How can I compile Git from apt? When I execute "apt sources git" and "dpkg-buildpackage -B -uc", the compilation fails
<youpi>that would be it
<youpi>+ apt-get build-dep git
<AlmuHS>i did it before
<AlmuHS>but it seems that, after compilation, make execute a set of tests, and one test fails
<youpi>yes, buildds have the same issue
<youpi>you can use export DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nocheck to skip it
<youpi>but ideally somebody would fix it someday
<jrtc27>(hint hint? :P)
<AlmuHS>thanks, i'll try again with this option
<AlmuHS>i'm writting a doc with some suggestions to add new sections to website: "getting started", with basic information about GNU/Hurd distributions and how to install; and "how to contribute", with some tips to download the sources, follow coding style, generate the patch, etc
<youpi>it seems the wiki has user/tlecarrour/porting_guide_for_dummies.mdwn, you can probably peek some parts from it
<AlmuHS>yes, it's a good idea
<AlmuHS>i'm taking some notes about other articles, and other own material
<AlmuHS>a quick question: where is hurd wiki? I don't get to find It in google
<azeem>AlmuHS: it's
<AlmuHS>azeem: this is the main website, but is the wiki too?
<azeem>did you take a look?
<AlmuHS>yes, I did
<AlmuHS>but i don't found this: user/tlecarrour/porting_guide_for_dummies.mdwn
<AlmuHS>ok, i've just found in google:
<azeem>ok good - I have to admit I couldn't find it via the wiki front page either
<AlmuHS>this website needs a good index