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<jrtc27>Gooberpatrol66: that's the intent?
<jrtc27>there is meant to be one formatting style, the Mach style
<jrtc27>just people haven't always adhered to that properly in the past
<jrtc27>AlmuHS: it's really not a very difficult concept to grasp
<jrtc27>as in "it's not hard to understand how you're meant to format your code"
<jrtc27>especially when we try and spell it out for you
<AlmuHS>a friend recommended me to using this
<AlmuHS>it's a tool to set templates for code formatting
<AlmuHS>compatible with multiple editors
<AlmuHS>we can write a template with Mach coding format, and then using it in our favourite editor
<AlmuHS>it can be easier than keep the format manually
<jrtc27>sure, you can, though really I just write code the way the code is already formatted because it's not that hard to type it correctly
<jrtc27>and it's often difficult to accurately capture the exact rules in use in a project when using such editor configs
<jrtc27>so maybe it does 90% of the work for you, but you still have to go through the entire thing anyway and fix the 10% that it doesn't catch, or that it actively *breaks* because you typed it correctly but it thought it was wrong
<jrtc27>and that's, for me at least, more of a pain than just doing it manually
<jrtc27>unless a project's style guide is defined to be whatever their .editorconfig or clang-format config says, I don't trust those tools to do the right thing
<jrtc27>and, quite frankly, *not* using such automated tools is good practice, because they just encourage laziness
<jrtc27>if a dev can't follow a style guide then I generally don't trust the code they've written
<jrtc27>because even the worst code in the world can still be formatted properly without much effort or intelligence required
<jrtc27>so if they can't even manage that then why should I have any confidence in their ability to do the much harder task of writing code?
<jrtc27>anyway, that's the end of my rant for the day :P
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<damo22>i mostly type the whitespace myself
<damo22>sometimes vim adds in wrong indent and i have to fix it
<AlmuHS>i have same issue with codeblocks
<AlmuHS>good bye
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<AlmuHS>can you check my latest patches?
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