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<damo22>youpi: hi, whats the idea for pci-arbiter? make it a mach device in gnumach ?
<damo22>or use libmachdev
<youpi>damo22: use libmachdev
<damo22>im trying to find a decent free software replacement for slack or zoom
<damo22>i already set up an XMPP server but its not convenient to manage users
<youpi>bigbluebutton is a bit heavy but works great
<youpi>and has a whiteboard
<youpi>which definitely makes it a great tool for my remote work
<youpi>(and can be plugged with a CAS)
<youpi>common authentication system
<damo22>ah yes
<damo22>i just feel like online communication is difficult with free software and that makes it inferior
<damo22>unless the user is happy with text only, IRC just doesnt cut it in 2020
<youpi>it's not only that, it's much less efficient for a synchronous meeting
<youpi>at work we use both irc and bbb
<youpi>(in our CS team)
<damo22>someone told me "I stopped having friends because they refused to use secure communications"
<junlingm>youpi: Is the moving userland irq handling patch still too big? If so, I plan to divide it into three parts: (1) moving dead port detection into user_intr, and make deliver_user_intr return void (linux handlers do not have a return value); (2) make deliver_user_intr a linux irq handler, and (3) remove user_intr from struct linux_action
<youpi>splitting it in three part will make it more readable and increase the odds that I find time to have a look, yes
<youpi>about the locking patch, I was thinking that the PROTECT macro should proabably be put along the simple_lock macros (with a proper name), since it's not specific to intrs
<junlingm>ok will split. Do you have a suggestion for the name of the macro?
<youpi>LOCK would mean that it locks
<youpi>SIMPLE_LOCKED could do it
<youpi>(no need to send another version of that patch with only that change, it's just something I thought when looking over the patch to see what it looked like before folding into the "not-too-long" part of my todo list)
<junlingm>youpi: ok