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<damo22>youpi: is there a delay in the new glibc build?
***Server sets mode: +nt
<youpi> *** 2.31-1+b1 500
<youpi> 500 sid/main hurd-i386 Packages
<youpi>it's there
<damo22>not b1, the one for clock_nanosleep
<youpi>you mean an ETA?
<youpi>apparently x32 has some issues, so aurel32 will probably upload one soon
<damo22>okay thanks
<damo22>i could patch rump but there isnt much point if it will be fixed soon
<youpi>FSOV "soon"
<damo22>sorry i dont know what is FSOV
<youpi>erf, I meant FSVO
<youpi>"For Some Value Of"
<damo22>we have to wear masks from tomorrow
<damo22>(where i live)
<damo22>this virus is depressing
<damo22>on the plus side, more time for hurd hacking :)
<AlmuHS>where I live, the mask is obligatory when we go to outside
<damo22>oh?! now here too starting tomorrow
<AlmuHS>we had confinated from march to june
<damo22>which country is that AlmuHS?
<damo22>ok, here Australia
<AlmuHS>since this month we are allowed to go outside, but with limitations
<damo22>our businesses have mostly shut down
<damo22>ie, local businesses like shops
<AlmuHS>when we had confinated all business were closed
<AlmuHS>stores, bar...
<damo22>yeah we have no bars or many stores except supremarkets
<damo22>to get food supplies that is all
<AlmuHS>yes, only food markets and some medical services were open
<AlmuHS>even some private medical clinics were closed
<damo22>we need more communication software that is free
<damo22>esp for students to complete homework without proprietary software
<AlmuHS>yes, It was sad. In my university, the online class are with Zoom
<damo22>yes we use Zoom at work because it was chosen
<AlmuHS>I was promoting free software alternatives, and maybe my university build its own Jitsi node
<AlmuHS>but currently are using Zoom yet
<damo22>also, a lot of people use Slack
<AlmuHS>in my university, a teacher created a Discord channel for their pupils
<youpi>Discord is not completely nice :)
<AlmuHS>but other was using MS Teams
<youpi>it uses a lot of free software, but it's not free software
<youpi>our uni has a bbb instance
<youpi>but zoom was privileged by deciders :/
<damo22>that is best i think
<AlmuHS>I promoted BBB in my university, because has many interesting features, but they are decided to build a Jitsi node
<AlmuHS>although the node is not built yet
<youpi>? it's so fast to install
<AlmuHS>they want to install in a cluster, but I don't know
<youpi>ah, if they want a cluster that's a different story indeed
<AlmuHS>at bad lucky, my practice in the free software office has been stopped during these months
<damo22>the problem with "cloud" providers of communication solutions is that they are easiest to set up, because they are installed on other people's computers so of course they are zero set up time except creating the accounts..... if you want to self host something youre already at a disadvantage over something like Slack or Zoom
<AlmuHS>my university has some problems with Zoom, because strangers entered in the rooms during the class. they had to configure a login for avoid this
<AlmuHS>there was trolls entering in the online class
<damo22>i mean, if someone making the decisions about what to use is offered two things : 1) external solution like Zoom 2) internally hosted solution like free software ... they will probably always like to choose 1 because its "easier"
<damo22>but that is the wrong attitude
<youpi>well, at some point it does make sense
<AlmuHS>my university are installing some selfhosted services. In january, i was helping to build an selfhosted GitLab instance
<youpi>in our practice lab, we used to handle the NFS ourselves
<youpi>we kept having problems
<youpi>and the engineers had to patch over etc.
<damo22>if everyone outsources all computing to external... we will have no expertise left internally
<youpi>then they decided to by a unity bay from Dell
<youpi>and it just worked
<damo22>im worried about long term outsourcing to external
<youpi>thus releasing time for our engineers to actually help us with teaching software etc.
<damo22>unless there are friendly external solutions
<AlmuHS>i'm sad about my university has a contract with Office365 and another MS services
<AlmuHS>but some service are selfhosted, like mail, luckily
<AlmuHS>and the "virtual campus" is selfhosted, using moodle
<damo22>our hospital is moving to Office365 for all mail instead of internal
<damo22>makes me sad
<AlmuHS>my university wanted to move the mail to outlook, but it was stopped
<AlmuHS>currently they are using exim and zimbra
<AlmuHS>*we are using
<damo22>email is getting too complex to host
<damo22>the DKIM and all that jazz
<damo22>i like paying a 3rd party to look after it, but not MS
<AlmuHS>but it's important selfhost the mail, because privacy
<damo22>i used to self-host my email but i kept getting spammed
<damo22>it is actually non-trivial to configure a proper mailserver