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<youpi>damo22: while seeing about a clock_nanosleep issue in openssh with the new libc, I got a closer look
<youpi>librumpuser will now see the clock_nanosleep function, but pass it CLOCK_MONOTONIC, which was not implemented
<youpi>I have pushed a fix to glibc debian
<youpi>in the meanwhile, you can patch over the clock_nanosleep call to pass CLOCK_REALTIME instead of MONOTONIC
<AlmuHS>youpi: have you seen my smp patch? I don't know if the patch is agree to GNU style
<youpi>AlmuHS: I have seen, yes, not processed yet
<AlmuHS>youpi: thanks. I'll wait with patience
***Server sets mode: +nt
<damo22>thanks youpi!
<damo22>i can wait for the new glibc
<AlmuHS> is down
***jma is now known as junlingm