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<deavmi>Which images are best for testing out hurd, have an old ass x86 machine I wanna run it on
<mihi>I would suggest Debian GNU/Hurd, and I'd also suggest trying in a VM first...
<mihi>in case you want to try it on real hardware, I'd first check if your devices are supported by GNU Mach. Hurd without keyboard or network is not fun...
<mihi>(for reference, there is also ArchHurd and Guix Hurd, but from my experience with these images you spend more time keeping the system running and fixing stuff than actually using the system)
<mihi>(whether it is an advantage or disadvantage that Debian provides Linux-like wrapper scripts so you can call mount instead of settrans is debatable, though. But the real commands are also available so you can choose)
<deavmi>Thanks mihi