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<janneke>so...the sqlite3 problem is much more mundain than i feared
<janneke>debian's 20-hurd-locking-style.patch is fine
<janneke>but the resulting sqlite3 cannot read certain binary database files
<janneke>re-creating such a problematic binary database using .dump and --init on gnu/linux seems to be a workaround for now
<youpi>it would be useful to pin-point where exactly the problem is
<janneke>yes...diffing the binary databases seems to show "everything's different" :-(
<janneke>yes...this problem occurs for the [cross-built] guix store database
<janneke>(btw: this workaround allowed me to do my first successful guix offload build to a childhurd running on my laptop)
<damo22>youpi: if ds_device_intr_register() is an RPC on the device server, doesnt that mean you can call it on any device not just "irq"
<youpi>yes, but other devices will report it as unsupported
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<almuhs>I continues checking my Xorg problem, comparing the Xorg log with the same log in different Linux versions. This is Ubuntu 8.04
<almuhs>after checking Xorg logs from Linux, I think that this GPU requires "intel" Xorg driver
<almuhs>youpi: do you know if the "xserver-xorg-video-intel" package are ready in Hurd?
<almuhs>this is the log from Ubuntu 11.04
<almuhs>[ 195.029] (II) intel: Driver for Intel Integrated Graphics Chipsets: i810,
<almuhs> i810-dc100, i810e, i815, i830M, 845G, 854, 852GM/855GM, 865G, 915G,
<almuhs> E7221 (i915), 915GM, 945G, 945GM, 945GME,