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***Server sets mode: +nt
***Server sets mode: +nt
<damo22>youpi: is this correct? The kernel IRQ handler should always disable the line and the userspace driver has to handle the interrupt and then acknowledge it and finally reenable the line
<damo22>or does it ack before handling
<damo22>maybe it doesnt matter because the line will still be disabled until the end
<youpi>the userland driver has to ack after setting anything that will trigger the next irq
<youpi>the concern is missing an irq wakeup if checking for device requests is not done properly
<youpi>simplest is to ack the irq after checking everything that had to be done with the device
<youpi>that's what drivers already have to do anyway
<janneke>i'm getting "locking protocol" error with guix and sqlite
<janneke>i found
<janneke>but trying to use that with guix, i now get "Error: unable to open database file"
<janneke>(the sqlite error messages are terrible -- they translate/intepret/guess what actually happens)
<janneke>so i'm wondering, could i be missing some kinde of file_lock patch?
<janneke>okay, i can reproduce it by running two sqlite3 instances and saying
<janneke>"sqlite> pragma synchronous = normal;" in both
<janneke>ah crap -- sqlite3 on debian/hurd fails with the same error :-(
<janneke>i fear the sqlite3 patch is broken
<janneke>so...iwbn to test the initial (an earlier working version) of the patch and from that understanding fix the current version...
<janneke>hmm, it's either already broken in (jessie; the oldest i could easily find),
<janneke>or "something changed" with file-locking support