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<damo22>youpi: i have no idea how my system currently boots... i am using my refactored IRQ as a device but have not asked it to device_open("irq") anywhere and my system still boots
<damo22>when i enable IDE instead of AHCI, the irq hangs
<janneke>ring any bells? -- undefined reference to `std::thread::_State::~_State()'
<almuhs>hi, I have a question. Are there any "trend" problem which can be solved using Hurd? "as this", or with improves as multiprocessor support
<azeem>probably not
<azeem>certainly not multiprocesser problems
<youpi>the containerization trend is something that the Hurd can do quite easily with very fine grain, but the Hurd can't be a pragmatic answer since the implementation is less strong than the solutions on Linux in terms of performance, security review, etc.
<azeem>good point
<almuhs>the Hurd has the advantage of microkernel: scalability, safety, and a few of security
<almuhs>but there are many microkernel, like seL4, which has similar characteristics
<almuhs>I'm writting a paper about the Hurd SMP project, but I need a good abstract to justify this project
<almuhs>the main advantage of Hurd about other microkernel-based operating system is that It has a very good compatibility with GNU/Linux applications. Meanwhile another systems requires to using virtualization to run this applications
<almuhs>but I need more reasons than this, to justify my work