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<almuhs>yuupi: I've just asked my refactor questions in bug-hurd maillist
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<almuhs>I noticed that most of my messages in bug-hurd keep unresponsed. Are there any reason for this? It's sad :-(
<youpi>from my part, it's pure lack of time
<youpi>this is really a crazy period for me
<youpi>having to work in the evening & week-end
<almuhs>yes, I know. By this reason, I try to ask here during the night
<almuhs>but there are more developer than yours
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<almuhs>hi. How can I test the sound support in Hurd?
<almuhs>I tried to play a wav file with Sox, but It shows Floating point exception
<janneke>hmm, isn't ArneBab looking into that?
<almuhs>I've just installed pulseaudio, but the problem It's the same
<almuhs>I remember this project.
<almuhs>Is it not in upstream?
<ArneBab>janneke: yes, but not as quickly as I wanted. There’s no code from me in this yet.
<janneke>ah yes, i didn't expect that...i was mostlywondering if it made sense to look already
<ArneBab>janneke: if I were able to do much at the computer right now, I would. But I’m recovering from an injury that prevents me from doing more than short times at the computer.
<ArneBab>(but still: thank you for alerting me!)
<janneke>oh, take care!
<janneke>better be nice to yourself :-)
<ArneBab>I’m trying — have been reading lots of scrience fiction the past few days
<janneke>reading, that sounds real nice
<almuhs>finally, I'm continuing the smp work refactor by my own. I've renamed the "pmap_aligned_table()" function to "kmem_map_aligned_table()" and move it to vm_kern.c
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