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<bmelo>is there any baby steps to contribute to hurd?
<jakelp>bmelo: Well, there's "small hack entries" on the contributing page:
<jakelp>But I for one can't even seem to get the "instant dev environment" to work :| Haven't spent a whole ton of time with Debian in general, but I can't seem to get apt working in the vm
<jakelp>And there's a fair amount of Mach documentation on the site too, both for concepts and the api
<gnu_srs>youpi: I've patched gcc-9 with your unwind patch to check if libgo tests perform better with no improvement. Seems like your latest updates to glibc are within 2.31 from experimental.
<gnu_srs>When you have released an experimental3 version, is it safe to replace 2.30-8+b1 with it?
<youpi>I don't think the unwind patch can really fix anything
<youpi>it is safe to upgrade to 2.31, yes, you just need to upgrade all libc packages
<youpi>the migration slot for 2.31 should be happening quite soon though
<youpi>so better just wait
<youpi>gnu_srs: what could probably fix libgo things, however, is the fix for longjmp from alternate stack, commited in the debian repo for 2.31. I have set a dep in wanna-build to trigger a retry of the few packages I could spot