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<janneke>slow progress on the new guix vm-image..been staring all day at:
<janneke>/hurd/startup: Failed to bind to /servers/startup: Device or resource busy
<janneke>two images, mostly alike ... find the differences :-/
<jakelp>janneke: which new vm image? Newer than the one in the April 8 blog post?
<janneke>jakelp: yes, we are working to build new vm-images with guix, without using qemu
<jakelp>Oh cool! Like with the package manager working?
<janneke>that's the idea, yes
<jakelp>Awesome! Sorry if that last message sounded impatient. I'm super excited to see guix in action on the hurd
<janneke>hehe, we've been hammering on this for about a month now, i'm getting a bit impatient myself ;-)
<jakelp>Btw, got any tips for getting up to speed enough to contribute to the hurd (or the guix/hurd effort)? I know there's some recommendations on the Hurd site; I've been working through the "three easy pieces" os book. But any helpful tips outside of reading up on the documentation?
<janneke>jakelp: wrt guix, this is where we're currently at:
<janneke>on the "wip-hurd-vm" branch, we have two ways to build a vm-image, and one works (guix system vm-image), but that code path is deprecated and will probably be removed
<janneke>to play with, it works though
<janneke>oops, we're furthehr down the thread already =>
<jakelp>Thanks, I'll read through those