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<gnu_srs>youpi: Seems like some more changes are needed for the sysvinit scripts (and or gnumach/hurd): Now I end up in the kernel debugger when the disk is corrupt :(
<gnu_srs>libdiskfs/node-drop.c:44: diskfs_drop_node: Assertion '!diskfs_readonly' failed.
<gnu_srs>ipc/ipc_right.c:500: ipc_right_clean: Assertion 'port->ip_srights > 0' failed.
<gnu_srs>Debugger invoked: assertion failure. Kernel breakpoint trap ...
<scaredysquirrel>hrm I type 0> boot cd:,\boot\grub\powerpc.elf on my PowerBook G4
<scaredysquirrel>and it says Decrementer exception and halts back at the prompt
<scaredysquirrel>it's the debian-10.0-powerpc-NETINST.iso
<gnu_srs>scaredysquirrel: This is a channel for Hurd, not powerpc?
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<Pellescours>I noticed that httpfs doesn't work. I tried to compile it but I have errors like:
<Pellescours>/usr/bin/ld: netfs.o: in function `fshelp_rlock_init':
<Pellescours>/usr/include/i386-gnu/hurd/fshelp.h:265: multiple definition of `fshelp_rlock_init'; httpfs.o:/usr/include/i386-gnu/hurd/fshelp.h:265: first defined here