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<youpi>damo22: are you really in the case mentioned by Andrew? As Adhemerval said (but maybe you were not in Cc, see, the compatibility symbols *are* there
<youpi>nm -D | grep expf_
<youpi>0000000000042fd0 i __expf_finite
<youpi>nm -D | grep -e '\<expf\>'
<youpi>0000000000042fd0 i expf
<youpi>as an alias, like he said
<damo22>i dont know what that means
<youpi>that means that libm *does* provide the symbol
<damo22>so what caused this failure?
<youpi>at last, an actual case
<youpi>really , start with such a report
<youpi>since that's an actual case people can have a look at and check what happened
<youpi>(glibc even has a checklist to make sure that such compatibility symbols don't disappear)
<damo22>i wanted to report that, but i forgot where it was i just found it now
<damo22>i think it was a .so file
<damo22>is that supposed to be backward compatible
<damo22>using the compat symbols?
<youpi>.so files are linked binaries
<damo22>but it looks like they didnt work
<damo22>should i report this link?
<youpi>well they then need to provide the actual files to show how they exactly look like
<youpi>with objdmup etc. to make sure what actually happens
<youpi>because really glibc is terribly careful about this kind of situation
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<damo22>youpi: i think the .so was not linked with -lm
<damo22>so it didnt get the symbol versioning
<youpi>that's what aurel reported indeed
<youpi>and indeed, not linking against a library means not getting proper compatibility
<youpi>since compatibility relies on symbol versioning
<damo22>i checked the source it is missing -lm
<damo22>on that version
<damo22>youre right i would have saved typing and fuss if i just reported the use case that demonstrated a failure
<damo22>now i know
<Posterdati>youpi: wmaker actually seems to work
<youpi>ah? it didn't on my box
<damo22>youpi: fweimer came to #ardour to discuss the issue, TLDR; <fweimer> No problem. For the record, I think you should drop -fno-finite-math-only again (if you are happy with -ffast-math—not everyone is) and link with -lm instead.
<Posterdati>youpi: have you configured .xinitrc ???
<youpi>Posterdati: no, just ran startx wmaker
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