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***Server sets mode: +nt
*janneke tries to whip up a patch for linux
<janneke>find linux -name xattr.c | wc -l
<janneke>oh my...
<janneke>let's hope fs/ext2/* is enough...
<janneke>hmm, it could be we need fs/xattr.c too
***Emulatorman_ is now known as Emulatorman
<youpi>Posterdati: upgrade the libc0.3 package, that should fix the X startup
<Posterdati>youpi: thanks
<Posterdati>youpi: upgrading right now
<youpi>Posterdati: btw it seems wmaker doesn't work any more, but icewm does
<Posterdati>X started but black background
<youpi>that's what I meant
<Posterdati>no wmaker involved I issued startx only :)
<youpi>I don't know what startx would start by default
<youpi>possibly wmaker
<Posterdati>does xdm work?
<youpi>xdm, yes
<youpi>lightdm, no
<youpi>(does linuxish stuff)