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<almuhs>hi. I continue searching help to improve my ACPI-APIC code
<almuhs>I sent an email two days ago, but nobody replied It
<almuhs>youpi: I've just added some docs before each function. Do you like It?
<Pellescours>almuhs: i'm not an expert at all but I'm asking, is it okay to have the size of cpu_to_lapic hardcoded ?
<almuhs>not really, It's only a patch. When I will put the patch for "mach_ncpus=2" in, I will change this value for NCPUS value
<almuhs>but currently, this code works even when mach_cpus=1 . And, if I define the cpu_to_lapic size using NCPUS, the array will cause an out-of-range problem
<youpi>almuhs: during the day I'm working at the university, not on the Hurd :)
<almuhs>are you not in quarentine?
<youpi>s/at the/for the/ if you prefer
<youpi>I'm talking generally, not just at the moment
<youpi>just meaning you can't expect me to review code etc. on an irc ping during the day :)
<almuhs>ok, I'm sorry
<almuhs>I didn't know this