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<almuhs>a question. How can I map lapic in a permanent page?
<youpi>that's what the hackish function meant for
<almuhs>but this function is not a temporary mapping?
<almuhs>then I go to test It
<almuhs>is the only map that was missing
<almuhs>ok, It works
<almuhs>now I have to adapt the code to GNU style
<almuhs>what can be the most appropiated name for acpi_setup()?
<almuhs>acpi_apic_search() ?
<almuhs>acpi_apic_parser() ?
<almuhs>acpi_find_cpus() ?
<almuhs>what is your opinion?
<almuhs>I've just applied e-style in GNU mode
***Server sets mode: +nt
***Emulatorman__ is now known as Emulatorman