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<damo22>almuhs: hey
<damo22>it boots with acpi but i cant read the log because it scrolls too fast
<damo22>i had to implement a bunch of empty stubs
<almuhs>there are any instruction similar to printf, but using the log
<almuhs>in gnumach you can find some examples, I remember
<damo22>i cant find it
<damo22>it needs to be a very early console
<damo22>and stored in /var/log/dmesg
<almuhs>db_printf() ?
<almuhs>I also remember a macro with name DEBUG()
<almuhs>another print-like call is panic()
<almuhs>damo22: check these calls
<damo22>i used printk from the linux/ stuff and it still didnt work
<damo22>ie, it prints in the log at the start of boot, but i cant find it in dmesg
<almuhs>check panic()
<damo22>i dont think panic goes in the log
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<almuhs>damo22: ask your questions in the maillist. The time difference is very high, and most developers are europeans (now is 1:30 AM in spain)
<damo22>lol ok
<damo22>im in Australia it makes it tricky
<almuhs>yes. But is possible that some developers cannot reading your message, because they are sleeping
<damo22>i know almuhs, thanks
<damo22>damn ACPI version is too old in qemu
<damo22>therefore parsing the tables fails because the length field is missing
<damo22> reported a bug upstream to ACPICA
<\0racle\>i'm actually trying to run last available gnu/hurd under a VBox VM and the system hangs when executing ext2fs, any insight?
<damo22>\0racle\: there might be a race condition ive heard if you reboot it might work next time
<damo22>qemu seems to work here, but havent tried latest image
<\0racle\>i tried several times but looks like im having no luck
<\0racle\>might give qemu a try
<\0racle\>ty <3
<damo22>try with -M q35,accel=kvm -m 4096
<damo22>assuming you can spare that much ram
<\0racle\>yeah, shouldn't be a problem
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<damo22>youpi: i am having issues mapping the acpi table region at physical address 0xf58c0, is there some kind of page protection or weird stuff going on just after linux_init() ?
<damo22>during linux_init()
<damo22>im trying to use vremap() from linux
<damo22>heh ive mapped the right page but returned the wrong offste
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<damo22> works
<damo22>this shows in gnumach log
<damo22> !!!
<marcDouglas>hello. I am wondering why that website doesn't appear to have bene updated since 2016-12-18-releases ..
<marcDouglas>this website --->
<marcDouglas>were can i find up to date information about the happenings?
<almuhs>hi. I have a problem trying to upgrading my Debian GNU/Hurd installation
<almuhs>Hurd hanged while I was doing "apt full-upgrade", When I reboot, I found this error
<almuhs>how can I solve this?
<almuhs>oops, It seems that this file was corrupted
<almuhs>ok, I've just solved this. But now I have another error
<almuhs>wait until I can share the log
<almuhs>this is the log:
<almuhs>I'm reinstalling the VM
<almuhs>ok, after reinstall the problem with apt was solved. It seems a corrupt files problem
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