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<damo22>youpi: does this look right?
<damo22>i get a send right on the trivfs port, get privileged host port and assign the device_master as the send right
<damo22>or do i need to pass in the host priv somehow
<damo22>i assume it gets the host priv from _hurd_host_priv
<youpi>for hp_type it can't be a move_send
<youpi>ah sorry yes it can
<damo22>would anything change the _hurd_host_priv setting stored in libc?
<youpi>no it can't
<youpi>it'd mean losing your send_right to the host port
<youpi>and thus not be able to give it again
<youpi>for dm_type it's fine since you just created it
<damo22>where do i find docs on the MACH_MSG* types
<damo22>i have no idea what im doing with them
<damo22>i just know that i have no authority to send RPCs unless i set the correct value?
<youpi>you have the mach info page, for a start
<youpi>node Exchanging Port Rights
<youpi>to send an RPC you need a send right, yes
<damo22>$ info mach
<damo22>info: No menu item 'mach' in node '(dir)Top'
<youpi>gnumach-common: /usr/share/info/
<youpi>apt-file search is your friend
<damo22>err cache is empty for apt-file even though i ran apt-file update
<damo22>Finding relevant cache files to search ...E: The cache is empty. You need to run "apt-file update" first.
<damo22>hmm my kernel package didnt build docs or something
<damo22>dont they all have to be copysend
<damo22>if devicemasterpoly is not copysend, it wont allow reusing the port right?
<damo22>so id only be able to open the device once?
<damo22>userspace cant get IO ports
<damo22>but reboot prints more stuff now
<damo22>youpi: i cleaned up my latest hurd branch
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<gnu_srs1>Hi, need some help:
<gnu_srs1>youpi: Seems like getting something accepted to publish on Savannah is difficult :(
<gnu_srs1>damo22: How did you create