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*hwpplayer1 i'll be back
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<koppe>I run hurd and want to switch from DVD-based repository to online net-based repository... What is the correct line to put in /etc/apt/sources ? I'm using Debian hurd sid .
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<civodul>hmm what font does the console client use on Debian?
<janneke>/me finds: vga-CPPFLAGS = -DDEFAULT_VGA_FONT_DIR=\"${datadir}/hurd/\"
<janneke>$(hurd-version): $(patsubst %.c,%_pic.o,$(VGA_SO_SRCS))
<janneke>ah, /usr/share/hurd/vga-system.bdf -> ../../src/unifont.bdf
<janneke>bf-utf-source: /usr/src/unifont.bdf
*janneke manually follows al the links
<civodul>so i'm trying something like that
<civodul>we use unifont for grub already
<civodul>so using the same font, and having the rc script invoke the console clent
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