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<civodul>getty.c opens /dev/ttyN, then revokes() it, and in my case from there on subsequent dir_lookups on /dev/ttyN fail with EPERM
<civodul>does that ring a bell?
<gnu_srs1>civodul: I have problems getting hurd-cross published on Savannah. Can I host it somewhere on Guix?
<janneke>civodul: it's nice that guix now preserves the /dev node info; but who is creating those correctly for the hurd? mustn't we `MAKEDEV tty1' etc, to get proper translators?
<civodul>gnu_srs1: Guix is not a hosting service :-)
<civodul>Guix has its own cross-build infrastructure
<civodul>but we surely have a lot to share!
<civodul>janneke: yeah, sort of
<civodul>but it's complicated
<civodul>for example, console-run creates /dev/console etc. as needed
<civodul>and runsystem does some of it too
<civodul>all this is spread across several places
<civodul>and for example console-run sets an active translator on /dev/console
<civodul>so showtrans doesn't show it
<janneke>oh my, this all explains (or excuses a bit) why i got lost :-)
<civodul>same for me!
<civodul>i added bindings to setxattr to (guix build syscalls), but it turned out to not be that useful
<civodul>anyway, the getty thing is still confusing
<janneke>we also need some auth/password thingy i guess
<gnu_srs1>civodul: I've tried to help out with the Guix port of GNU/Hurd, see guix-devel ML. And got not much appreciation for trying. Thanks a lot :(
<gnu_srs1>So being rejected for help with hurd-cross is not unexpected.
<janneke>gnu_srs1: we are all just trying here and finding stuff out, i am sure there is no need to feel bad about work not getting appreciated right a way
<civodul>janneke: auth is started by startup, and password, hmm dunno
<civodul>but we don't really need it yet :-)
<janneke>i do like the utf8 motd ;-)
<janneke>could be pretty
<janneke>gnu_srs1: in any case, i'm all for communicating such frustration or feelings; no need to sit with that by yourelf -- we all have that from time to time
*janneke goes to prepare some supper
<civodul>janneke: i thought dinner was earlier in that region of the world :-)
<janneke>civodul: oops, could be i missed an opportunity at being more conforming today :-)
<civodul>the norm!
<hwpplayer1>is there any documentation for cross-compiling for hurd kernel while using linux kernel
<civodul>hwpplayer1: not 100% answering your question but with Guix you can do, say: "guix build coreutils --target=i586-pc-gnu"
<civodul>(from GNU/Linux)
<hwpplayer1>I use Trisquel Linux-libre
<civodul>you could use Guix on top of it
<hwpplayer1>Guix inside Trisquel am i right ?
<civodul>(you can also build your own cross-toolchain of course, but that's a bit tedious)
<hwpplayer1>How to use Guix inside Trisquel ?
<civodul>you can follow the instructions at to install Guix on top of Trisquel
<civodul>and then you can run any Guix command
<hwpplayer1>civodul: thanks i'll read it added to bookmarks
<gnu_srs1>hwpplayer1: I can send you the tarball to be published at Savannah (if ever...)
<hwpplayer1>gnu_srs1: what can i do with that tarball ?
<gnu_srs1>I will probably publish at github doe to the problems with Savannah :(
<gnu_srs1>Well, the cross-hurd tarball can cross-build and compile a bootable qemu Hurd image :)
<hwpplayer1>gnu_srs1: i understand thanks i wait for the tarball from now on
<gnu_srs1>z3ntu: Hi are you still interested in the hurd-cross project for your arch-hurd efforts?
<z3ntu>gnu_srs1: yes :)
<hwpplayer1>i installed Hurd or GNU in other saying but X failed several times and i get bored with configuring X and icewm or xfce4 they worked once but then crashed !
<hwpplayer1>* in qemu/kvm
<hwpplayer1>but that was a good experience like configuring sources.list , installing x-window-system etc
<hwpplayer1>i'll try it later to install
<hwpplayer1>which is why i asked for cross-compiling