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<hwpplayer1>can't start desktop environment despite i installed xfce4 lxde and cinnamon (not tested yet it is installing) lightdm is installed debian unstable sid is the release i start service lightdm start it runs but startx doesn't work by the way i can install packages and get update upgrade dist-upgrade well what should i do ?
***Server sets mode: +nt
<damo22>youpi: has anyone tried building hurd with ASan/UBSan?
<damo22>ive been helping netbsd fix a few rump bugs with ubsan turned on, it seems like a really helpful thing
<gnu_srs1>youpi: An idea: What about creating snapshot tarballs for the git repos of hurd, gnumach, mig on a regular basis with git archive --format=tar.gz --output ...
<gnu_srs1>That would be usable to have known working git repos, to avoid problems like the recent problems with gnumach.
<janneke>is there an equivalent to the linuix "- append console=ttyS0" so that i can enjoy running qemu -nographic?
<civodul>hey! dunno
<civodul>news: Guile 3.0.2 is crashy with JIT enabled, but seems to be fine with GUILE_JIT_THRESHOLD=-1
<janneke>hey civodul: saw my latest hack on my gitlab wip-hurd-vm? it starts Guile
<civodul>oh, didn't know!
<janneke>it starts the guile libexec/rc and crashes with "Unbound variable: extensions"
<civodul>instead of aborting?
<janneke>there seems to be a chicken/egg dependency that i don't understand between /servers/socket/1
<civodul>what is that?
<youpi>damo22: support for [ault]san on hurd in gcc hasn't been worked on yet, but that'd be very helpful yes!
<janneke>and what libexec/runsystem needs
<civodul>ah you mean the abort is due to /servers/socket/1 not being set up yet?
<youpi>gnu_srs1: well, that's what happens with the debian uploads?
<janneke>yes.. if i remove that file from your system/hurd.scm, then the scripts sets it up
<janneke>runsystem:63: if ! test -e /servers/socket/1 ; then
<janneke>(if / writable, got that using another hack)=> settrans -c /servers/socket/1 /hurd/pflocal
<janneke>it /seems/ as if guile aborts if that hasn't happened
<janneke>...and the code to do that is in guile :-)
<janneke> doing it in bash for now helps :-)
<youpi>janneke: console=com0 on the multiboot /boot/gnumach.. command line
<civodul>janneke: are you sure this is the reason?
<janneke>civodul: no!
<youpi>I'm surprised this isn't documented in the wiki
<janneke>youpi: thanks!
<youpi>ah yes it is, in the faq
<janneke>civodul: i'm just stumbling blindly along...and this what i /think/ i see
<civodul>we could probably test hypothesis in a subhurd or something
<janneke>sorry for asking a faq!
<civodul>janneke: the /servers/socket/1 hypothesis is confirmed!
<civodul>i created a /tmp/gnu firmlink to /gnu
<janneke>civodul: \o/
<civodul>then: chroot /tmp /gnu/store/*-guile-3.0.2/bin/guile
<civodul>with and without /servers/socket/1
<civodul>no easy way to get a backtrace though
<civodul>janneke: oh that's because Guile needs pipes for the finalization thread, the signal thread, and all that
<civodul>no pflocal, no pipe
<civodul>hence the abort
<civodul>so we should install pflocal from runsystem
<janneke>ah, that's what my hacks adding: /etc/fstab, mount -o remount,rw, removing /servers/socket/1
<janneke>then allow the code that is already there, to do :-)
<janneke>it could be a bit less indirect, i suppose
<hwpplayer1>hi people !
<civodul>janneke: awesome
<civodul>hi hwpplayer1!
*civodul tests guile --disable-jit
<hwpplayer1>i want to use nasm gas emacs and gcc first and spice-vdagent i tried to start X and Xfce4 but i didn't get success despite i installed Xdm and configured Xorg.conf file etc Now i am installing GNU to qemu/kvm virtmanager again and i will try things again any information is very helpful for me thanks :)
<hwpplayer1>and also C
<hwpplayer1>xdm started by the way i don't know how i did it :)
<hwpplayer1>now i'm installing xfce4
<hwpplayer1>after installing xfce4 i run startx and it waits in a black screen
<youpi>I don't know about xfce, but icewm does work
<youpi>that's what is documented on the debian ports configuration page
<hwpplayer1> here is documented with xfce
<hwpplayer1>i will wait ten minutes more and then reboot to install icewm thanks
<youpi>alos note that that documentation is using the 2017 release
<youpi>possibly newer versions have bugs
<hwpplayer1>i understand for example there is but i use
<hwpplayer1>could you please give me the debian ports configuration page maybe i know but i am not sure
<youpi>it's referenced at the end of the guide you hvae been following
<hwpplayer1>okay i know it
<hwpplayer1>i will check it again
<hwpplayer1>youpi: icewm works thanks a lot :)
*janneke tries to get ttys running; this _PATH_TTYS in glibc puzzles me
<janneke>adding a symlink for now
<hwpplayer1>after login into xdm accidently xfce4 has started ! i couldn't understand how X works :) i can't read log files also
<youpi>the choice of which wm is started is fully of contorsions yes
<youpi>a lot of people have invented a lot of different ways
<youpi>and thus the mess
<youpi>the easiest way to make sure is to have only one installed
<hwpplayer1>but mouse doesn't work in xfce4 it worked once but i'll try it again
<hwpplayer1>it worked but then the desktop freezed again
<hwpplayer1>also it is freezing with icewm too
<hwpplayer1>is this a ram issue related with kernel ?
<gnu_srs1>"(12:23:34 PM) youpi: gnu_srs1: well, that's what happens with the debian uploads?" What if one wants to get rid of Debian dependencies?
<youpi>it's not a dependency
<youpi>it's the same people who make that upload an who work on upstream
*hwpplayer1 will reboot main os
<gnu_srs1>youpi: Yes I know, but publishing git tarballs on savannah does not require you to make a Debian release. E.g. apt-cache showsrc gnumach|grep Version
<gnu_srs1>Version: 2:1.8+git20200309-1, and latest git is from yesterday. You could easily create an upstream git tarball people can use without looking into salsa for Debian stuff.
<gnu_srs1>Even better: Use the git-created tarballs to make Debian releases??
<youpi>I don't think I have upload rights on savannah
<youpi>and if I don't make a debian release, it means I haven't tested it
<youpi>both could go at the same time, yes
<youpi>but as I said I don't think I have upload rights
<gnu_srs1>Do you mean:
<youpi>I mean whatever way to publish tarball
<hwpplayer1>touchpad is working now with xdm and xfce4
<youpi>one thing I can do, however, is a git tag
<damo22>can there be a watch file on debian that watches for tags and auto deploys?
<damo22>ive seen this done with other packages i think
<damo22>its a common issue that you have an upstream repo and want to deploy a stable release to a distro
<damo22>im sure it can be automated
***rekado_ is now known as rekado
<youpi>damo22: that's the debian/watch file yes
<user_oreloznog>guix-hurd-20200401.img can be tested on Guix System (or on a foreign distro)?
<janneke>user_oreloznog: on any distro; you'll need qemu-system-i386
<user_oreloznog>Ok, i'll try it, thanks janneke!
<gnu_srs1>janneke: Running with graphic and serial console, log file in serial.log: qemu-system-x86_64 -chardev stdio,id=char0,logfile=serial.log,signal=off -serial chardev:char0 --enable-kvm -m 2048 hurd-cross-serial.img
<gnu_srs1>This is a convenient way to get both the serial console for commands and the graphic console to shut down (just close the window) :)
<janneke>gnu_srs1: ah, great thank you!
<gnu_srs1>That's written in README.hurd-cross file whenever hurd-cross it will be accepted for publication at savannah.