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<Pellescours>What should be the dehavior of /hurd/null ? Like /dev/null ? Because it's not the case
<Pellescours>I found a weird bug. Doing a `echo "test" > /hurd/null` will "broke" tthe creation of the /dev/null at the next reboots
<youpi>err, sure
<Pellescours>And /hurd/null still contain my "test" string after the reboots
<youpi> /hurd/null is a program
<youpi>it's not a translated entry
<youpi>try echo > /bin/bash and you'll break your system too :)
<Pellescours>OH I see
<damo22>youpi: did you try to build rumpkernel recently?
<damo22>im curious if anyone else has been able to build my package, not just me
<youpi>I uploaded it yesterday
<damo22>did you need to change anything?
<youpi>just a couple of bits, see the git log
<damo22>so what do i need to do for rumpdisk then? make it conditional on existence of librump?
<damo22>shouldnt be too difficult, but im too tired to do it now, will do tomorrow
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<Pellescours>youpi: which convention should I use for formating and indentation ? This is not consistent :/
<youpi>Pellescours: the same as what is used in the file you are editing
<youpi>GNU mach indeed mixes several conventions because it has some codes from various places
<youpi>so just stick to what you see immediately around :)
<Pellescours>okay :)