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<damo22> * 2) A device which wants 2^n bytes of memory will hardwire the bottom
<damo22> * n bits of the address to 0. As recommended, we write all 1s and see
<damo22> * what we get back. Only probe the upper BAR of a mem64 BAR if bit 31
<damo22> * is readonly.
<damo22>I think its failing to probe AHCI because its failing to detect the BAR as 32 bits wide
<damo22>does pci-arbiter pass through the regions as they are, or does it allow writing to hardware even when its readonly?
<damo22>i get "can't map ahci registers" in rump
<damo22>could there be some caching of pci regions going on that does not reflect the exact hardware?
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