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<damo22>i think libpciaccess is not probing the pci devices and filling the internal structs
<damo22>using hurdish method
<damo22>take a look at this
<damo22>0:1f.2 is the AHCI controller
<damo22>since these are stored as all zeroes in the internal structs, rump cant probe the devices
<damo22>regions seems to be empty
<damo22>youpi: how should rump be querying the memory regions via pciaccess?
<damo22>i think its a bug in libpciaccess and should have:
<damo22>+ pci_device_hurd_probe((struct pci_device *)d);
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<damo22>also memory is not mapped, and needs to be
<damo22>so theres another bug in pci_device_hurd_probe as well
<amerigo>I downloaded debian-hurd-20190705.img and trying to run it with
<amerigo>qemu-system-x86_64 -drive format=raw,cache=writeback,file=debian-hurd-20190705.img -m 1G -nographic -enable-kvm
<amerigo>but it hangs on Booting from Hard Disk...
<amerigo>Any ideas on how to troubleshoot it or what am I doing wrong? Newer images (e.g. 20200101) don't even reach this stage
<youpi>amerigo: avoid -nographic
<youpi>the grub bootloader uses a graphical output
<amerigo>i used -curses and it works now, thank you