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<damo22>youpi: could this call in libpciaccess be problematic?
<damo22>why does it not use the hurdish pciclient_cfg_read ?
<damo22>hmm they seem to resolve to the same thing
<damo22>pci_device_cfg_read_u8 -> pci_device_cfg_read -> pci_sys->methods->read
<damo22>youpi: how do i add /hurd/rumpdisk to be installed in hurd package? it compiles it but doesnt install it in the package
<damo22>CONFIGURE_ARGS = --disable-profile --enable-static-progs='ext2fs,iso9660fs,rumpdisk'
<damo22>do i add TRANSLATORS_PROF ?
<youpi>damo22: it'd be in the makefile
<youpi>e.g. in ext2fs/Makefile, makemode := server and target = ext2fs, so make install will install ext2fs in /hurd
<damo22>makemode := utility
<damo22>where does that end up?
<youpi>that'd be /bin or such
<youpi>see where the content of other directories which have that end in
<damo22>i'll try makemode := server
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