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<damo22>youpi: im having trouble with rump, im not sure if its ever been used successfully with hurdish method of pci access, and it definitely does not successfully probe any devices using latest hurd libs. Ive been able to compile and run rumpdisk and it prints out the list of devices but does not probe any
<damo22>i think the debian package of rump strips the libs so its hard to debug
<youpi>you can install the -dbgsym package to get the symbols
<damo22>dk.pico: ELF 32-bit LSB relocatable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), not stripped <--- i extracted a file from one of the _pic.a libs and it looks like symbols are in the static libs
<damo22>pci_conf_read seems to try to call into rump
<damo22>but that function is defined in hurduser
<damo22>should i use __pci_conf_read instead?
<damo22>as that seems to be a weak symbol that points to the hurduser function
<damo22>(gdb) x pci_conf_read
<damo22>0x117c290 <pci_conf_read>: 0x24cae853
<damo22>(gdb) x __pci_conf_read
<damo22>0x1502dd0 <pci_conf_read>: 0x53565755
<youpi>the __ variant should be fine indeed
<damo22>ok i'll patch rump and rebuild
<damo22>oh i think that call is in libpciaccess
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<damo22>cant quite figure this out, i patched libpciacccess locally and its still not working
<damo22>gah cant figure this out
<damo22>until next time...
<Sompi>how this goes with modern pcs that have the windows key hardwired in the firmware
<Sompi>they don't have a serial key sticker that you can just scrape away
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