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<damo22>youpi: i upgraded my hurd system to latest unreleased/unstable and compiled new rump packages on the new libc0.3, my question is how do i compile my change to libstore and libmachdevrump so i can make it compatible with my running hurd?
<damo22>im almost there, if i can get the last steps done i can push a working rumpkernel package
<damo22>but i dont want to push a package until i have tested it on at least one system
<damo22>is it sufficient to clobber my build/ and recompile?
<damo22>or do i need to rebase onto latest hurd debian sources?
<youpi>damo22: I'm not sure what you mean
<damo22>my rumpkernel cannot work without a small change to hurd package
<damo22>plus the libmachdevrump subtree
<youpi>ok, but I don't see the technical problem you have
<youpi>beyond just recompiling the hurd package
<damo22>ah yes, i got confused
<damo22>i will just pull the sources and add my changes
<damo22>and rebuild hurd package
<damo22>i keep hacking binaries manually but its probably easier and safer to build the whole deb package
<youpi>for some libs it's simpler to just build the lib and install it by hand
<youpi>when it's a small change
<youpi>when there is an API/ABI change however you'll want to build the whole package, sure
<damo22>how do you survive the boring patch manipulation foo
<damo22>i have two trees, one from sv and one for debian and i find myself backporting everything twice
<damo22>#elif defined(__dietlibc__) <--- nearly fell off my chair
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