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<damo22>youpi: i never got around to pushing to because the last time i tested it it was broken with libpciaccess
<damo22>i guess i should upgrade my hurd system and try again
<damo22>i have a local repo with an updated packaged rump though
<damo22>i am getting signature invalid on debian ports archive automatic signing key
<damo22>where do i get the 2020 key?
<damo22>it appears i already have it
<damo22>but its not working
<damo22>unstable and unreleased gpg keys on ports seems b0rked
<damo22>gpg --export 84c573cd | sudo apt-key add -
<damo22>im missing <kern/queue.h> from /usr/include/device/intr.h
<damo22>cant seem to compile rump
<damo22>i have gnumach-dev installed
<damo22>if i define queue_chain_t and remove the queue.h dependency i still have ipc_port_t in there
<damo22>"sudo lspci -A hurd" does not display the AHCI controller but using intel-conf1 it does
<damo22>is that something to do with gnumach taking the pci device
<janneke>youpi: is qemu being ported to the Hurd? it seems there is no debian package yet and nothing is listed here
<damo22>this might help others who have broken gpg key:
<damo22>wget -O - | sudo apt-key add -
<damo22>i upgraded my hurd system but i needed new libc0.3 and all my old binaries need to be recompiled, i compiled new rump packages but i need to compile missing libstore feature and libmachdevrump, will have to try again another time
<damo22>fingers crossed, i will have working rumpdisk
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