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<AlmuHS>I'm worried about GSOC. I don't want you to be mad at me because I'm finding another mentor
<AlmuHS>braunr offered me as GSOC mentor but, although he has some good ideas, I have some disagrements with him
<AlmuHS>the idea about doing a refactor of my SMP code as OOP structure is good, but I think that this requires a sw architecture redesign, not only refactor. And this task is very complex and long to do
<AlmuHS>is freenode kicking users?
<AlmuHS>what is mattering here?
<AlmuHS>what is happening here?
<youpi>AlmuHS: look for irc netsplit in a web crawler
<youpi>(it's normal)
<pixelherodev> qwe/window 29
<pixelherodev>Whoops, sorry, ignore that
<AlmuHS>I continue trying to find a mentor for GSOC
<AlmuHS>are there any person available for this? The topic is continue and improve my SMP work