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<gnu_srs1>youpi: You still have to build e2fsprogs w/o tests: 1.45.5-2 FTBFS
<youpi>gnu_srs1: ok, but is the new version really useful?
<youpi>building w/o tests is done by hand, so I don't do it unless it's really useful
<gnu_srs1>Well -2 has a Hurd-specific fix, see
<youpi>ok, built so then
<braunr>is Almudena Garcia here ?
<youpi>AlmuHS: braunr: please meet each other :)
<AlmuHS>I know him
<AlmuHS>braunr: I'm Almudena Garcia
<gnu_srs1>Ho, any idea on hos to fix this? (from libgo tests): /usr/bin/i686-gnu-ld: _gotest_.o: undefined reference to symbol 'sem_timedwait@@GLIBC_2.12'
<gnu_srs1>/usr/bin/i686-gnu-ld: /lib/i386-gnu/ error adding symbols: DSO missing from command line
<youpi>it is lacking -lpthread
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