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<youpi>gnu_srs: yes, golang-goprotobuf gets fixed by the newer protobuf
<youpi>will get that uploaded once I get everything together
<youpi>yeap, built fine
<youpi>and uploaded
<z3ntu>youpi: hurd master doesn't compile for me: `../../hurd/pfinet/socket.c:85:7: error: 'errno' undeclared (first use in this function)` . Adding `#include <errno.h>` to that file doesn't seem to help though
<youpi>z3ntu: ah, right the glue code is a pain
<z3ntu>still fails with the latest commit (if that should have fixed it)
<youpi>it should have fixed it
<youpi>what do you now have?
<z3ntu>same as before: `../../hurd/pfinet/socket.c:85:7: error: 'errno' undeclared (first use in this function)`, it's socket.c, not io-ops.c
<youpi>ah, ok, I hadn't the errors in the same order
<youpi>should be fine now
<z3ntu>youpi: yep, everything compiles fine now. Thanks!
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